Premiere Hop in the Yard NEIPA

Last Sunday, June 30, our newest beer Hop in the Yard had its premiere. The first Hop in the Yard cask was hit during the BBQ x IPA of Bierlokaal Café De Koffer in Groningen.

What kind of beer is Hop in the Yard?

Hop in the Yard is a double dry-hopped New England style IPA, inspired by the IPAs we know so well from the American East Coast.

New England IPA

A New England IPA is a thick, juicy beer. It is best defined by its hazy appearance. The beer is hazy because it is not filtered like other beers. These IPAs are often double dryhopped - hops are added twice during the main fermentation - adding to the haze and fruity aroma. Connoisseurs of all ages will love these hazy IPAs because they have beautiful floral and citrusy notes from the hops, a smooth, creamy texture, and they are less bitter than other types of IPAs.

Hop in the Yard in proper glassware

Hop in the Yard

Hop in the Yard is intensely (double) dryhopped with 20 grams of Citra and Mosaic per liter. This large amount of hops creates a true taste explosion. The combination of Mosaic and Citra gives the beer a fruity hoppy character, beautiful citrus notes and lots of tropical fruit. A little bitterness provides sufficient counteracting, the oat flakes provide a creamy mouthfeel.